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EVERYONE DO THIS! [Aug. 19th, 2004|05:13 pm]

princessmikee, your inner fairy is known as Xantho

Click here to find about about your inner fairy. Created by mwah.co.uk

A bit about your friends

makes you smile
excites you
looks up to you
Ice Witch
thinks about you more than you think about them

A quick story about you

As Raisa
smoothed her hand over Father's forehead she looked at me reassuringly.

"If you are my son then where are your father's leather bottomed shoes and ring?"

Waves of comfort and relief washed over my tired limbs as Nissa
Ice Witch
and Nissa
Ice Witch
embraced and kissed me.  The familiar sights of my home and scents of my family soothed me so much that I nearly forgot the heavy pack I had carried for hours on my back, a sack filled with treasures I had collected throughout my journey to bring back to my family.

The mists cleared away and the soil grew cold and silent.  In place of the menace that blinded my sight was a small jade figure of Elvin
, wearing his leather-bottomed shoes and ring.  So it was there that I put Elvin
's bones to rest and took the jade figure in his place.

The blade struck me against my face and left a blood spot in the shape of a star.

I felt my legs lift from the ground and follow the white bird's path that trailed along the movements of air.

"Let me go then," I said. 

I told them that the good graces gave me whatever I had.

Click here to find about about your inner fairy. Created by mwah.co.uk
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Party Monster [Jul. 21st, 2004|01:52 pm]
There shall be a party at my house next Friday.

That's Friday the 30th.

Everyone who reads my journal is invited to this party.

I want everyone to make an effort to come. I feel like when I first moved up here, everyone got along with eachother, and it was more of one big group.
But it feels like now people are more into their seperate groups, and some people have become a bit more hostile. I can only have with with people in my little group, kinda thing.
I know that's not true in all cases, but it feels like things are going that way a bit.

I want all my friends to have a good time together, and get on with eachother.
I was trying to get a list of friends together to invite to my party, and it was a nightmare. Some people won't go if some go. and some wont go if others go. and even I am generally a bit "hmm" about some people. But BUT BUT




You must all come to my party, becuase i want it to be fun and good and a nice time and i want alcoholics, straigh-edgers, fags and tramps together having a laugh.

it's the summer you knob-cheeeeeses. It'll be hot that saturday. trust me.

my house wont smell either.

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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2004|01:12 pm]
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Shrooms. [Mar. 14th, 2004|01:17 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Massive Attack - Smalltime shot away]

Yesterday, Vicki and I decided to buy some shrooms from a shop in Corn X.
I thought I knew what to expect, from previous experiences with shrooms in Amsterdam, but nothing I've ever experienced has been anything near last night.
We prepared them in Tea. Boiled them in a pan of water for 15 minutes, stiring them every now and then, then used the water in a few cuppa teas.
We sat there. Vicki in a pretty pink 6-year-olds-stylee dress, and me in her black and pink poker dot skirt. Cuddled up on the sofa.
We started talking loads, and loads, constant conversation, had loads to say, loads to talk about. Didnt feel like we were seeing things or owt. Sat on the sofa, and vicki's hair was going weird. It's really hard to explain. Layed on the sofa looking up at the ceiling and the cracks in the ceiling were moving, the drops of tea splattered on the ceiling were moving. We werent scared, so it was really really funny. Vicki started crying in literally 2 seconds, full on tears. She was still laughing, but really really crying.
Didnt think it would get much more than that... but it did.
Right now what happened last night is pretty much a blur. I remember it being really really funny. The feeling is so hard to describe.. time slows right down, then speeds right up. Your whole perception of EVERYTHING is so fucked up, and everything is so weird. Your perception of your own senses totally fucks up, and you things just go really really weird.
I really really cant describe it, but it's such a good experience. The big mistake we made was going to the pizza shop. Inside the house it's safe, nothing can really go wrong, but outside things are so much different.
We somehow made it to the pizza shop.. it was scary crossing the road, becuase you cant judge where the cars are.. how far away they are, and how fast they're going. you cant judge how fast you're walking either. We went in there giggling our hearts out, couldnt concentrate on anything. The pizza dudes face looked all weird, we somehow asked for a family sized pizza, and waited outside. The guy knew we were fucked.
Waiting outside everything was so strange. We were talking and talking and talking, and we couldnt tell how loud we were talking, and everyone was staring at us, these girls in the pizza shop were totally ripping the piss out of me in a skirt, the pizza dude was watching and laughing at us, more and more people were arriving at the bus stop staring at us, one minute of waiting seemed like 10 minutes. Everything was SO FUCKED. Cars looked longer then they should have, the AA van was a police van, everything was yellow! The feeling is literally impossible to describe, but outside was scary. Vicki blanked out in my arms, fell to the ground outside the pizza shop, on the wet floor, on her back, arms and legs stretched out, hit her head. I tried to help her, but i was too weak to pick her up and she was all floppy, and i didnt know what to do. I thought she was foaming at the mouth. a guy that was waiting for a pizza helped pick her up. Said something about "you crazy kids and your crazy drugs". They handed up some pizza, and we stumbled across the road, back indoors where it was safe.

Back inside, we went upstairs becuase it seemed safer in the bed.. everything was so funny. We were giggling our tits off. Sat on the bed, and opened the pizza. Couldnt tell if it was cooked or not (it was). couldnt tell how hot it was. Couldnt tell how big it was. The pizza box seemed huge to vicki. The bed seemed huge. We werent even hungry. Cant even tell if you need a piss becuase you're so detached from your own senses. Went into the bathroom, and the floor was soaking wet and squelching. The bath was filling up when we took the plug out. The hair in the bath was growing, Around the sink was darker where there was water leaking? and the bathroom was flooding?
We went back into the bedroom becuase it was safer there, and we couldnt drown or owt.
After a while in the bedroom we went downstairs to check that the door was closed, and it was, so we sat down here on msn talking to a couple of people, and it was so weird. Kept talking about how MSN was REAL or something. The cats head kept morphing.
after a while we just layed on the sofa, slowely coming down, getting back to reality. Thinking things were fine, but realising that we werent.
Slowely came right back down.. seemed to last for ever, feeling your legs again, feeling my sore throat again..etc..etc..

The feeling is IMPOSSIBLE to describe. Your whole perception of EVERYTHING is fucked, and it's so funny. We waited until we were down, then tried going back up again with the philosophers stones, but they didnt work at all. Waiting there wanting something to happen but it never. Huff. So disappointed.

Felt like we'd experienced like, a year of being together or something in a few hours. Really crazy shit. Everything else is going fucked, but I felt safe being with vicki because she was on the same level as me.

I dunno. Impossible to describe. �10/bag in sugarlump in corn ex. get the mexicans. so much better than alcohol. DO IT INDOORS.
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watch me at work all day [Mar. 4th, 2004|10:29 am]
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Hello [Feb. 4th, 2004|02:35 pm]
[mood |naughtynaughty]
[music |King Adora - Kamikaze]

Hello Livejournal.

Today I am feeling silly. maybe this is tiredness. I keep on tapping my feet and fingers out of restlessness. Hmm.
Yes, so, yesterday I went to vickis. It was nice. She's rather sweet, and she has new trousers that are way too big for her. We watched a film, and cuddled, and I had a nice time. yay.
Today I went to work and it was boring, and i got the gas bill sorted out, and i'm a bit less.. worryful.
I'm attempting to give up smoking. It hurts.
I'm in a silly mood. I'm going to tidy up the house tonight, and re-arrange a few things, and it'll all be good, and Wilss has moved in, which is rather good, and Rafe is coming over tonight probably, which is also good.
I'm seeing Vicki on Friday, which I am very much looking forward to, and and and, the depopulated meetup is on saturday, which should hopefully also be fun.

I'm still skint, but less skint, so yay.
I need some ideas for www.mwah.co.uk. I want it to be reflective of the name of the site.

Recommend some music to listen to, please. thank you.

I feel horny. Eek.

Everyone who said they're coming to the depopulated meetup better turn up. Infact, everyone who reads this should be coming. For meee.

what the fuck is a SupraExpress 56??!

Bryony is such a bitch. Whenever she walks past my computer, she looks to see what i'm doing, so she can tell the managers. Pffftt. Stupid bitch. Thank god for shortcut keys.

My legs feel all weird.

I've updated my deadjournal quite a bit today.

sighCollapse )

Inspire me.

I hate being stuck at work.
the rain was nice this morning.
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2004|10:47 am]
all of you, just fuck off.
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me me me [Feb. 2nd, 2004|12:18 am]
[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |Aqualung]

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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2004|03:34 pm]
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Perspective [Jan. 14th, 2004|04:55 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]
[music |gridlock - ash (ksp remix)]

Step Back.

That's something I need to do sometimes. It's so easy to get involved in something, especially if you're thinking about it all the time, to the point where you get confuse yourself, and you make mistakes, and you're just being stupid.

It's like at work the other day. I was trying to make a script work, and i was working on this bit, trying to get the code to work.. getting myself into a complete muddle, covering up mistakes with other mistakes, my code just got so confusing and shit, and more complicated than anything i'd ever written before. It was only meant to be a simple script.
After 3 days of working on this 20 minute script, i stopped. I went and make a coffee. I had a ciggy. And I quickly looked over the code, and realised that everything i'd written didnt need to be there, and it was just confusing me.
The problem with me script was simpily a spelling mistake on the first line.

It's SO easy to get too deep into something, because you've been thinking about it too much. You're too involved in it, and it's hard to see past the mess you've got yourself into. Sometimes you need to take a huge leap back to see the real picture.

I'm very guilty of doing that to myself. In relationships + friendships, mostly. I know of a few friends that need to take a step back at the moment. I probably do, too. Put things in perspective, and realise you just need to chill out, and get less involved.

I dont know why I posted that. It's just something I was thinking about.
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